Would You Pay For Canned Pure Air

Would You Pay For Canned Pure Air At $13

People who are living in fresh air places are highly fortunate as most of the cities and towns are highly polluted and levels have gone insane.

South Korea is among the worst polluted countries in the world and town of Hadong is learned to be soon selling canned fresh mountain air partnering with a Canadian company.

Trademarked as jiri Air, the can will carry eight liters of fresh air and to be sold at drugstores for a price tag of around $13.

The pure air will be collected from a forest 700 to 800 meters above sea level and to include 0.006 parts per million of sulfur dioxide, 0.3 ppm of carbon monoxide, 0.030 ppm of ozone and 0.010 ppm of nitrogen dioxide.

If the domestic sales turns out to be good, Hadong Vitality Air says could export it to neighboring polluted countries lies India, China and Middle East

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