Anti-depressant Longan Fruit

TIP to live a healthy life.  Here is a bit more info about the powerful anti-depressant longan fruit. In traditional Chinese medicine, longan fruit, also known as “dragons eye,” are used as a tonic for the heart, to improve eye function, relieve stress and give skin the glow. Women hoping to beautify and boost their sex drive might find this fruit the perfect tonic.Longan got a reputation as a health-boosting super-fruit.

When Western Medicine is working but not completely, one turns to Eastern Medicine.  So, I went and bought myself some longans.   Longan is available abundantly in the summer season.   The best time to pick it is August, so it was.

Longan fruit contains rich amount of Vitamin C that is equal to 80% of daily requirement. It also contains minerals like iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. It is also rich in Vitamin A and essential in anti-oxidants.   

In December, I was diagnosed with PTSD.  In August, I still had it.  The Western medicine was helping, but not a lot.  Thus, I went and bought myself some longans, four pounds to be exact.  I have purchased it from the local organic farm.

Longan does miracles to nerve problems and is highly recommended as an anti-depressant. They give a relaxing effect to the nerves and are proven to enhance the nerve function, lower irritability and reduce fatigue. Longans treat neurasthenic neurosis and insomnia and are also capable to deal with neurasthenic and sleeping disorder.   Below are some of the additional benefits that one can get from the longan fruit: A generic tonic to increase energy and boost the immune system, depression, educing stress, decreasing fatigue, boosting memory, improving memory, reduces anxiety and promote tranquility, benefit sleep and insomnia, snake bites as an anti-venom, detoxifying, anti-inflamatory, wound healing, prevents anemia. 

A new thing that I have learn from the seller of that miracle fruit is that longans contain anti-ageing properties and are proven to improve skin health. This fruit is particularly beneficial for the delicate skin near the eyes, minimizing peeling and cracking of the skin and improves the skin tone. It also keeps the teeth and gums in a good condition.

It has just 17 calories, so no matter what, you can not go wrong!

Please try powerful anti-depressant longan fruit. It helped me and it may help you.  



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