Succulent Garden

Succulent garden and Florida Hurricane Season?  Can those two coexist?  Yes, they can!  Yes, you can build your dream desert garden in the middle of the tropical eco system.  Here is how I built mine.

Succulents and Hurricane Season is Florida mix very bad, yet all is possible if passion is there.  Yes, there were some major difficulties that went thought building my dream succulent garden.  Re planting over 1,000 of them from the wet soil into the dry was my latest challenge.  On June 7th, 2017, the Florida state issued flooding warning.    Flights were canceled.  Some people took canoes and kayaks to get around several counties.  As you may have noticed I have not posted from June 6th to 10th.  I was rescuing all my succulents.

I had to take them all out of the pots and dried all the root.  I kept looking on my phone weather app and the humidity was 100%, chance of the rain continue was also 100%.

I remember writing somewhere a blog entry of the journey building my Succulent Garden.  In short, the first batch that I got in Florida of Amazon and Home depot and have planted was destroyed by the summer rain. I was out of country on my extended vacation in South America, so there not much I could have done.  I took it hard. It was unbearable to see all my succulents dead.  Thus, shortly after, I flew to Los Angeles, California. I brought back three bags of succulents. My new garden was very healthy!  Each day, I carried all the pots with succulents out onto the sun and back under the cover if there was rain, which was almost every day.  I was happy.  However, a few months later, all my garden was destroyed by the mean creature. 

This time, I took a couple ti-shorts, a jacked, a spear pair of jeans, my lab top, a camera, and drove across country to Los Angles, California. The trunk of my car was full of Air Plants that I was taking to my best friend.  As I was driving back from California, my entire car was full to its very top with rare succulents.  I even had them on the top of my dash board.  Also, I had two little turtles, named Yin and Yang, that I have purchased in China town from the Chinese medicine man.  From the same Chinese medicine man, I have purchased some secret recipes and medicinal herbs’ seeds that have incredible power to heal many chronic illnesses.  Later I planted them and now growing my own medicinal herbal garden.

I made a short video of my cross country road trip that included some of the  obstacles that I have faced.  On my way, two stated, Alabama and Louisiana, were hit by seven tornados  and hurricanes and I was in the epi-center of it.  The car radio made emergency loud sound and ordered for every one to go to the nearest shelter.  I did not know where there shelter was, nor that I could see anything out of windows, for the heavy rain completely blocked any view.  The wind was so hard that my car was lifted up and dropped down, shifted left and shifted right for seems hours, for I drove very very slow.  I barely could hold onto my course.  Drove straight and relying on my intuition.  Later, and per my arrival to Los Angeles, I researched to see where I was during the time when the seven tornados were hitting my car and it turned out that I was going over 24 miles bridge, crossing Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana.  I did not turn, thus did not do off the bridge and stayed alive.  The universe have saved me once again.  As I was driving thought the tornadoes and hurricanes, I was thanking the Universe and I was thanking my Karma.  About 20 people died and many homes were lost.  My car did not have a scratch and it looked so clean, as if it just came out of the very good car wash.  I was not filming then, just kept holding to the steering wheel very strong, trying to maneuver car back after its being displaced by the wind. I was exhausted, so I stopped in small AirBnB home for I was about to pass out. The room was clean and fresh towels smelled good.  The room had a bottle of red wine and two chocolates.  I thank the Universe again.  It was so needed.