Russian Jewish Artist

Russian Jewish Artist

Sensational Russian Jewish Artist’s 2 Months Old Business Influences The Green World

June, 2017- The green world is the future, it is the only hope to save, preserve and actually beautify the planet earth. One of a kind artist and business woman, Ella, is gradually becoming an inspiration in the green world as she creates a new path. Ella grows organic edibles, succulents, and air plants. Some of her plants include exotic tropical fruits tress, vegetables, and herbs.  In a way that can only be described as phenomenal, her two months old business is gradually becoming an influence in the green world.

Ella is also an artist who creates Eco-friendly art, urban décor and minimalist design with the theme of Zen. She believes in sustainability and health and saving the planet. All these influences her work and serves as the bedrock to her passion for making the green world truly green.

To know more about Ella’s business and works visit

The very first PR has being released about Sensational Russian Jewish Artist, Ella







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