Work with and Not against the Natural Forces

People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used. What made humans to lose their humanity and can it be fixed? 

Work with and Not against the Natural Forces

 Is it possible not to work against the natural forces?

We can achieve with meditation, maybe . . .

Meditation: Begins by sitting, closing your eyes, breathing naturally and releasing physical tension. Allow the mind to be, consider meditative aids and have patience.

Every person has a gift, that is to give. Every person has a need that is to be loved. These are the basics of humanity. It would have been beautiful if we lived by these two basics, but there are things that prevent us from being that simple. Why aren’t we content?  Why aren’t we following out natural forces?

Let’s us talk about the purpose of humanity and the human existence to see why we live in the chaotic world where people are used and things are loved. Aristotle said that the goal of human existence is the pursuit of happiness where goals have been achieved. Is the goal of Human Existence the Pursuit of Happiness? Dictionary Modern Chinese define Happiness as “experiences and life that soothe one’s mind.” OR is “the state in which one’s needs have been satisfied.” What gives one contentment? Will the goals be achieved at any cost?

The intellectual marathon race will never end. Human life has a direction or goal, the goal is called “control.” In this world, anything other than human is a thing. The ultimate desire for humans is to exercise the greatest possible control over the other human and things around him. Control on human is power and control on things is wealth.

The study of how people control one another in order to gain indirect control over things is called politics. The study of how people make use of the control over things to indirectly control other people is called economics. Economics is the natural progression of the human race.

A psychologist, Abraham Maslov says that there are seven levels of human need. These are as follows:

1) Food, water,

(2) Safety,

(3) Belongings, love,

(4) Esteem,

(5) Curiosity,

(6) Beauty, symmetry, and

(7) Self-actualization or so called enlightenment.

Moving on, things become beautiful after they are “controlled.” It is a natural progression of the evolution that has been going on for millions of years for the human desire to control and be curious. Those ape-men that lacked the desire to know and to control have died out a long time ago.

Naturally, people compete and compare with one another to see who can control more. This is the primary motivational force behind human social development. The goal of human existence is scrambling for power and wealth. We compete for food, shelter, love, etc,.

So where does love fall into this equation? We are all social animals, there is a mutual attraction (belongings and love) as well as repelling force (hatred) in competition for control. Once again, we came back  to the control.

Everyone is made by the same creator, the universe. Thus, we believe that all are created equal. If everyone believes in it, then one needs to control another. There is no conflict if we are thinking in these terms. Things are easier said than done. Humanity is difficult to practice. We are trained by our friends, family and society to act “anti-human.” The society teaches us that winners are superiors and losers are inferiors. Thus, we think that humans cannot achieve humanity.

We get defeated by our own desires. Thus, we fall from level of humanity to animalistic propensity

Natural forces are powerful

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