Goddess Ella

Goddess Ella

Under the cloud-speckled tropical skies. Ella the Goddess, resplendently lies

Bathing in rays of the Florida sun. Morning in Paradise lately begun.

Often she wanders the silver-white beach. Plucking the seashells that lie in her reach.

Staying within the confines of the shore. Teasing the surf with her pink pedicure.

The ocean she likes, as much as the sand.. Up to her neck in the sea she will stand.

Diving at dolphins and slicing through waves. Even occasional cold winds she braves.

She loves sunny days, adores vibrant nights. Cocktails in bars under rose-colored lights

A platter of oysters and evening’s complete.  Exhausted perhaps, she refuses defeat.

Of satisfied customers there’s never a dearth.  She welcomes them warmly to heaven on earth

An AirBnB, or Home Decor – tell her your needs! The endeavors to please, & she succeeds.


One of my clients, who is publicist on East Coast, was so happy that he wrote me this poem.

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