Ecosia Sponsor Tree

Ecosia Sponsor Tree

Why Ecosia Sponsor Tree?  Why am I, personally, a committed contributor to make our planet green again?  My historic background is one of the main reasons that makes me not only environmentally conscious, but a stronger supporter of the cause. 

First, I am a stronger believer in spirituality.  Meditation is one of many great ways to maintain a healthy mental balance in life.  Take a moment, take a deep breath, relax, meditate and enjoy the moment.  And if you live in California, try not to breath too deep. I have resided in number one most polluted cities in America that is Los Angeles, California for over twenty years.  Every morning, I would open to read Los Angeles Times just to see that the air quality was 99% at the dangerous level anywhere if one to live 5 miles away from the ocean.  I have paid top dollar rent just to have an air that was a slightly better.

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Second, I am a stronger supporter of sustainability.  For as long as I remember myself, I turn off lights as much as possible and use natural light, and I recycle, reduce and reuse.  I turn water off while brushing my teeth and / or washing dishes.  I buy 100% organic food!   

Third, everything I put my hands on I turn green.  I have created several permaculture and sustainable gardens in Florida that consists of over 100 exotic fruit trees, organic vegetable and 1000s of medicinal herbs.

I never stop looking for a new way of how I can safe the planet. Every small contribution makes a big difference.  The world is in our hands.  I am successful because I am committed.  It was easy to find a likeminded individuals. 


Ecosia Sponsor Tree: Tropical Shore Zen is contributor to Ecosia, a search engine and/or a platform that was design to produce an income from the adds and invest it to plant the trees. 

Plant Trees While you Search the Web.   Please check it out, please support

I am just trying to save the planet . . .  Would you like to help? Scroll down

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A free spirited girt and eco – friendly social media influencer, who strongly believe in sustainability future.

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