Damaged Honeybee Colonies Insecticides


Honeybee Colonies Being Damaged With Use Of Insecticides

Insecticides are important to save the plants from insects, but a latest study finds it damage the survival of honeybee colonies too.

Researchers across UK, Germany and Hungary studied 33 large farm land comparing those where insecticides were used and where didn’t.

It was found survival of honeybee colonies in the insecticides field was reduced and their reproductive success was also cut down.

Neonicotinoids is a multi-billion dollar pesticide market, but it has also been linked to harming the bees in lab-based studies.

With the increased use of neonicotinoids the decline of bees has been seen as they have lost the habitats.

The Canadian researchers found presence of fungicide doubles the neonicotinoids toxic for the bees.

It depends on the government and policy makers to decide whether such neonicotinoids should be stopped from being used in the farm lands or we need to keep our land contaminated forever.

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