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Bring the piece of Tropical Paradise back to you urban home in the North. Enhance the decor in your home, without spending much money or spending time to maintain

I am not available now.  Most likely, I am somewhere in the middle of Everglades developing a permaculture edible gardens at the Eco Village or chasing alligators.

Most of the items and products are located in my ETSY’s and at Amazon stores.  If you are thinking of the custom order or simply have a questions, please talk!

Your communication is very important to me, so do not hesitate and drop me an note.   I take a word Socialite to the whole new level.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.


323. 673. 1144

Please E-MAIL ME. I believe in “Millennial Communication” and my phone is often over-heat or gets the water damage since I do, in fact, live in the Tropical Paradise . . .